Traditional Breeding/Moulting without wheat

Breeding and moulting mixture with yellow cribs maize and without wheat

  • Ideal allround mixture without wheat.
  • Ideal protein content in combination with Success Corn I.C.+.
  • This mixture can be used as basis for those who want to add wheat by themselves.

Beschikbare verpakkingen

  • 25 kg (EAN5410340116333)


Small cribs maize 20%, Dun peas 7%, Yellow peas 10%, Small green peas 17%, Tares 5%, Katjang Idjoe 1%, White dari 15%, Red dari 16%, Safflower 4%, Small striped sunflower seeds 2%, Canary seed 1.5%, Yellow millet 1.5%

Analytische bestanddelen

Crude protein 14%, Crude fat 4%, Crude fibre 5%, Crude ash 2.5%


On average, 30 g of feed per day per pigeon. Always provide fresh drinking water.