A good dog shampoo, the first step to a shiny coat


Every dog owner knows how fast a dog can get dirty. A good dog shampoo can wash your dog's coat, make it suppler, detangle it easily and make it shine. How many times you wash your dog depends on the type of coat, the dog's activity, the accommodation... In short, one dog needs a wash quicker than the other does.


In any case, never use a human shampoo on your dog, because the pH value of a dog's skin differs strongly from yours. The best choice of shampoo depends on the coat and the reason why you want to wash your dog.

Neutral or mild shampoo: Oropharma Universal Shampoo

- Cleansing, for all coat types of both short- and longhaired dogs.

- Ideal for frequent washes.



Puppy shampoo: Oropharma Puppy shampoo

- Especially for pups or dogs with sensitive skin.

- Very mild shampoo that does not dry out the skin.




Colour-enhancing shampoo: Oropharma White hair

- Contains a substance that makes the coat pigment come through stronger.

- This way, you can get the coat of a white dog beautifully white.




Shampoo + conditioner: Oropharma 2-in-1 shampoo

- Ideal for longhaired dogs or dogs with a very dry coat.

- Hairs will tangle less and combing will be easier.




Anti-itch shampoo: Oropharma Anti-Itch Shampoo

- Soothing shampoo that relieves itchiness.




No water?

You don't have to give your dog a full wash all the time. With Oropharma Body Clean, you can refresh your dog quickly without water and give him a nice scent. These practical cleansing wipes with natural plant extracts are ideal e.g. for taking with you on a trip.

Dog owners in general give sufficient attention to their dog's coat care, but there is so much more... Have you thought about your dog's teeth, for example? Here we explain how you can keep your dog's teeth healthy!

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