Which feed should you give your pups?

Do you have motherless pups or new mothers that do not produce enough milk? Then, it is essential that you give them a complete milk replacer during the first weeks of their life. You feed it in the first two weeks with a bottle, and afterwards, they learn how to drink from a bowl. Please note: you have to clean the bowl properly after every meal, because your pups are very vulnerable in the first weeks.

Puppy feed as good as mother's milk

It is important that you choose a milk replacer with a composition very similar to that of mother's milk. Oropharma's Puppy Milk is a good choice. This easily digestable milk powder is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids like taurine. These acids support the natural resistance and the pups' development. This way, allergies have less chance to develop.

Puppy milk, also for lactating females

Puppy Milk is ideal for motherless puppies, or for pups from a too large nest. You also give the milk in addition to the diet of pregnant and lactating animals. In other words: you give the mother a helping hand with Puppy Milk. Sprinkle the milk powder over the mother's feed or dissolve the powder in some water.

On to solid puppy feed

The mother's milk production is at its highest on the sixteenth day. This is the moment to gradually switch to solid food. Of course, you proceed step by step. Opti Life Baby, for example, is especially formulated to get puppies used to solid food. The main components are rice and chicken, and the preparation of the meal is a piece of cake: add water, mix and done. The result? A tasty and easily digestable porridge, super delicious for the pups. Prepare only small quantities of Opti Life Baby to prevent the porridge becoming dry.

The first chunks

After about a month, you switch to dog feed like Opti Life Puppy. These are the first chunks - also based on rice and chicken and just irrestistable for the young dogs. Opti Life Puppy is available in several varieties: Mini for the smaller breeds, Medium for medium-sized breeds and Maxi for... you guessed, right? Dogs with sensitive digestive systems best get Opti Life Puppy Sensitive, with salmon and rice.

How many chunks do you give per day? It depends on the age and weight of your growing dog. The exact quantities are mentioned on the dog food product pages. Always provide plenty of clean drinking water anyway.

Is your pup about ten months old? Then it is advised to start switching to an adult feed.

Good to keep at hand: the feeding schedule for the first weeks of motherless pups.

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