The Olympics are approaching...

Together with decathlete Thomas Van der Plaetsen, who is also from Deinze, we count down to the global sports event of the year. He is in full preparation for the Olympics and offers us a glimpse behind the scenes of his trainings.

Together with Thomas, we are looking forward to Tokyo and, in fact, we are all going there together!


Versele-Laga colleagues all around the world are bridging the distance from Deinze to Tokyo (9,467km) together. We do this symbolically by exercising in the way you prefer: walking/running/cycling/swimming/ ...

It is scientifically proven that exercise makes you physically and mentally stronger. Therefore, we want to encourage our colleagues worldwide to do so. There are undoubtedly many colleagues who cannot sit still very long, but there may also be some who need a little push.

Join us in this Olympic challenge to reach the finish line in Tokyo in 6 weeks! (and who knows even further).

If we reach our goal by 23 July, we will donate €1,500 to the Back on Track fund*.


Thomas also wanted to share a personal message:



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Each week, the results so far will be communicated here.