How do we make a difference every day?

As caregiver and guide for pets and the owners that take care of them, we want to strengthen and protect this unique bond. We do this by taking our responsibility in social projects with organisations that share the same values. And by playing our part in bird preservation initiatives. From a parrot shelter on Tenerife to a guide dog school in Genk.

Loro Parque Fundacíon

This organisation on the Canary Islands protects hundreds of parrot and parakeet species that are threatened by extinction.

Guide dog school for the visually impaired Genk

Since 1983, this centre trains dogs to become guides for the blind and visually impaired so they can get around quickly, safely and independently.


This organisation trains different types of assistance dogs. It gives people with a motor or auditory impairment, ASD or other impairments a better life.

Weltvogelpark Walsrode

The largest bird park in the world, which houses, breeds and conserves thousands of birds of hundreds of species.

Zwerfkat in Leuven (Stray cat in Leuven)

This non-profit organisation takes care of stray cats in Leuven (BE). With 70 volunteers, they provide coordinated feeding and sterilisation of stray cats and temporary shelter for lost cats.

Emotional assistance dogs

LOL and Orphée are both courthouse facility dogs that help victims of crime during difficult moments, such as an interrogation or a trial. We proudly sponsor the two dogs trained by Handi'Chiens with our Opti Life dog food!

Dogs & Drinks

In this dog (adoption) café, owners and dogs can unwind with a drink. There’s also the possibility to adopt.

Canine Assisted Therapy

In psychiatric centre Sint-Jan-Baptist, inmates learn to re-socialise shelter dogs while simultaneously working on their own integration in society.


This organisation donates assistance dogs to people with a motor impairment and patients with epilepsy.

Nally’s Parrot Shelter

This organisation takes care of different bird species and informs owners on their behaviours. It’s also possible to adopt.

Our story

From a small family company to an international specialist in quality pet nutrition and care? Only with the right passion and care. Ever since 1932.

Our Values

Every day, we get up early to nurture the bond between you and your pet. Discover the 4 pillars of our passion for humans and animals.

Our difference

From a parrot shelter on Tenerife to schools training guide dogs: discover how people and pets help each other with our continued support. And become part of the difference.