Premium Black Label Master Relax

Premium mixture with black maize

Premium pigeon feed with a low protein content to support the pigeons' physical health. Contains 6% black maize. The black maize is exceptionally rich in antioxidants to protect the muscles during flight. This Master Relax is an ideal low-protein sports mix to keep the pigeons calm in the middle of the week and not overfeed them.

  • Varied mixture with 4 types of maize: black, bordeaux, red and small cribs maize.
  • Ideal during the middle of the week.
  • Ideal fat content in combination with Energy Corn I.C.+.

Available in

  • 20 kg (EAN5410340112540)


black maize 6%, bordeaux maize 6%, red maize 6%, small cribs maize 6%, small green peas 2%, tares 2%, lentils 2%, mung beans 1%, white pigeon wheat 4%, white dari 10%, milo 2.5%, safflower 14.5%, pigeon barley 10%, paddy rice 16.5%, broken rice 2%, peeled oats 4%, sunflower hearts 1%, yellow millet 1%, brown linseed 1.5%, rapeseed 1%, thistle seed 1%

Analytical constituents

crude protein 11.5%, crude fat 8.5%, crude fibre 7.3%, crude ash 2.3%, carbohydrates 58%, lysine 0.38%, methionine 0.18%, calcium 0.06%, phosphorus 0.28%, sodium 0.01%

Directions for use

On average, 30 g of feed per day per pigeon. Always provide fresh drinking water.


An ideal mixture to feed the racing pigeons in the middle of the week. Makes sure they get enough energy inside, but still keep training well. Once the pigeons are training enough around the loft they can be fed sufficiently.