Are the mixtures completely grain-free?

Yes, they are. For some animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus, we have made mixtures that are completely grain-free. The digestive systems of these animals is not capable of processing large quantities of cereals (which contain starch). Our mixtures for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus are completely free from cereals and grain by-products. So you will not find any wheat, oats, maize, grain shells or similar in them. Our snacks for rabbits and herbivorous rodents are also completely grain-free. As a result, you can make sure that your animal will not suffer any of the health problems associated with starchy cereals.


Omnivorous rodents, for example hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils and chipmunks, can eat cereals. These rodents need a high-energy diet and cereals form the perfect base for this. 

Why are these worms in my mixture?

They are mealworms. Omnivorous rodents such as hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils and chipmunks need to incorporate a small quantity of animal proteins in their daily diet. Thanks to the mealworms, a natural source of animal protein, these rodents receive the nutrients that they require, while feeling just like they would in the wild. 

Why are all of the chunks green?

Our range does not use any colourants. The crispy chunks are made from different types of grasses and herbs, which is why they are naturally green. 

What are the hay stems in the Nature mixtures for rabbits and herbivorous rodents?

We have supplemented the many grasses and herbs contained in these high-fibre, crispy chunks by adding Timothy hay stems to the mixtures. This means the animals can enjoy nibbling and feasting on the grasses that they would also find in the wild.


Timothy hay is delicious hay that wears teeth down well, thanks to its high content of crude fibres. The calcium-phosphorous ratio is better than in many other types of hay. When eaten in combination with fibre chunks, the animals can enjoy a rich variety of ingredients and fibres. 

I see the composition includes yucca. What is it?
We add Yucca extract to all of our mixtures. Yucca binds ammonium and other volatile components that cause the smell of the stool. In this way, the unpleasant odours caused by your animal's droppings are greatly reduced. Yucca (or palm lily) is often found as a houseplant as well. Who knows, maybe you have got one in your living room!
I see the composition includes FOS and MOS. What are they?

These two nutraceuticals are added to ensure that your animal is kept healthy with a bowel function that is as good as possible.

FOS = Fructo-oligosaccharides: These substances promote a healthy intestinal flora and the growth of good bacteria.

MOS = Mannan-oligosaccharides: These substances promote a healthy intestinal flora by reducing the amount of harmful bacteria.

I see the composition includes algae. What are algae?

Algae are a natural source of minerals, trace elements and amino acids, and an excellent support to your animal's bodily functions. These algae are harvested sustainably.



Does Nature provide all of the nutrition that small mammals require?

The Nature range includes a variety of mixtures, roughage and snacks. The basic mixtures and Fibrefood products are both complete diets, containing all of the necessary nutrients for your animal.

Of course, you must also add hay for rabbits and herbivorous rodents. Snacks or fresh ingredients are suitable additions to the diets of all types of animals. 

I can see a big difference between rabbit feed and hamster feed. Why is that?

Nature provides healthy nutrition for ten different types of animals. Despite being small mammals, each of these animals has their own, specific nutritional needs. The daily diet of a rabbit or guinea pig cannot be compared to what your hamster or gerbil needs to get through the day. This is way Nature offers a specific mixture for each animal. Only the tastiest and best ingredients are selected for each animal, resulting in unique mixtures that the animals love to eat. 

Are any artificial colourants, preservatives or flavourings used?


The entire Nature range is completely free from artificial colourants, preservatives and flavourings. The basic mixtures, hay products, Fibrefood products and snacks are all free from those substances. This way, we are only providing the animals with what they need. 

Are GMOs used?

GMO-what? Genetically Modified Organisms. Genetic modification means that humans have altered the genes (DNA structure) of an organism manually and in a targeted way, to change its properties in such a way that the organism is more resistant to diseases, has a longer shelf life or can withstand drought to yield a stronger harvest. The Nature range strictly does not contain any GMOs. This means we give the animals the most natural forms of vegetables, fruits, hay etc. only. 



Will my animal enjoy eating the new composition?


Your animal will find it even more delicious than what it was eating before. We have conducted lots of research and tests to ensure that the food tastes its best. The products have not only become tastier, they are also healthier! After all, that is precisely what we want for our animals: tasty and healthy nutrition!

Why is my animal not immediately tucking into the new feed, despite being hungry?

Animals – just like people – can respond stubbornly to changes to their food. How would you react if your grandma's chicken soup suddenly had a different taste? It does not mean that you will not enjoy it just as much. Once you are used to the new taste, you will love it! It is just the same with animals. 

What is the best way to prepare my animal for the new composition?

The best way to change food is to switch over to the new one systematically. Follow our 7-day plan to help your animal get used to the new food.


Day 0 : previous food

Day 1+2 : 75% previous food + 25% Nature

Day 3+4 : 50% previous food + 50% Nature

Day 5+6 : 25% previous food + 75% Nature

Day 7 : 100% Nature food



If you cannot serve both the previous and new types of food together, it is very important that you always ensure that there is plenty of hay available for your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or degu. This means your animal can absorb enough nutrients and will not starve.



Why does my Nature product seem to vary?

Our products are made from the most natural of ingredients. This means that certain chunks or ingredients might be slightly darker or lighter in colour. Do not worry about this – the mixture will still be as nutritious and tasty as ever. Some Nature snacks are made "in the artisan way" by hand. This may also lead to small deviations, which do not detract from the product quality.


Our strict quality controls ensure that every product always meets the most stringent requirements for taste and nutritional value.


To get the best out of our mixtures, we recommend that you shake the packaging before use. This means that each portion will contain the required variety of ingredients and your rodent can fully enjoy all of the flavours, textures and scents contained in the rich mixtures. 

What is the difference between Nature and Nature Fibrefood?

The Fibrefood products are for animals that need that little bit more care, have problems with their digestion or are very stubborn when it comes to choosing ingredients. These fibre-rich products contain a very specific and limited selection of vegetables that they will love. This selection makes sure that the animals still eat the right quantity of vitamins, minerals and other building materials, while the high content of fibre-rich ingredients guarantees optimum digestion and tooth wear.

What is the difference between Nature and Nature Original?

Nature is the most recently developed mixture we have marketed since 2019. It is based, on the one hand, on renewed scientific insights into health and production methods. On the other hand, during its development, we mainly listened to what you and your small mammal would like as a healthy daily diet. For example, the mixtures for herbivores are produced completely grain-free. A rather unique fact for this kind of food. In addition, the timothy hay and the high-fibre extrudates ensure a healthy dose of fibre. The products for omnivores, in turn, are provided with the necessary animal proteins. A super healthy blend of dried ingredients and extrudates that provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Nature Original, on the other hand, harks back to our original Nature recipe of the past. This colourful mixture is not only packed with all the necessary nutrients, but also contains lots of fruit, seeds and vegetables to pamper your small mammal daily with lots of treats. Since that mixture turned out to be the best and tastiest mix for many animals, we have included them back in the assortment, so they can all enjoy it again. The mixture comes in a nice fun packaging, but the composition is exactly the same as before, you can count on that. As you can read, each mixture has its own specific characteristics. Which one you prefer depends entirely on yourself, and especially on your animal. Let them choose which one they like the most. One thing’s for sure: With both Nature and Nature Original you can provide your animal with a healthy diet every day.



Which packaging sizes does the new Nature range come in?

We offer different sizes of packaging. As a result, everyone can find the size that best fits their and their animal(s) living situation, from small 400-g packages to larger 9-kg packages. Whether you have one animal or several, you can find the suitable packaging size for you. Our product page clearly indicates the packaging sizes in which our products are available. 

How long will my product last for after it has been opened?

The Nature products must be stored in a dry place, where the temperature stays constant. This way, we can guarantee the best possible quality after the packaging has been opened. Keep in mind that packaging size is designed for the number of animals. Buying 9 kg for one animal is not appropriate, as the nutritional value of the product decreases naturally once the package is open. Choosing smaller packages means that you can always offer your rodent a Nature mixture that is fresh, crunchy and tasty.

How should I read the nutritional information on the packaging?

The Nature feeding plan is a simple, step-by-step plan to provide the best care for your animal. Discover more about feeding your animal in the best possible way.



Do you have another question?

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