Complete Crocks, the ideal snack for your pet
The easily digestible Crocks Complete are now enriched with omega-3 and vitamins and do not contain added sugar.  The ideal snack for your pet, available in six delicious flavours. That way you can spoil them without feeling guilty.

The Complete Crocks are a tasty treat for rabbits, rodents and ferrets. These delicious snacks are based on quality ingredients and are a natural and tasty variation on the daily menu.

The crispy Crocks hide the soft nutritious filling on the inside. The crispy coating appeals to their gnawing instinct and the deliciously tender filling is full of flavour and enriched with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

The feeding moments play an important role in building the relationship between yourself and your pet. Whoever feeds them daily soon becomes a familiar face for them.

However, you can only fill bowl a few times a day and that limits the possibility of rewarding positive behaviour with the main food. The Complete Crocks are therefore the ideal extra for an even stronger bond with your favourite small mammal.

In short: a healthy and useful snack to reward your pet several times a day!

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