Optimal nutrition, optimal health:

Powerful animal proteins

At least 73% of our proteins come from one animal protein source: chicken, lamb or salmon. Animal proteins are tastier, easier to digest and are biologically more valuable than vegetable proteins. They form the basis of a healthy diet, a beautiful physique and optimal growth.

Rice, ideal for easy digestion

Our feed is only based on rice, and no other cereals. A high-quality and easily digestible ingredient that significantly reduces the risk of food intolerance. The entire Opti Life range is hypoallergenic.

Natural antioxidants 

We also use a lot of additional healthy raw materials such as rosemary, marigold, lecithin, green tea, and so forth. These raw materials are a great added value for Opti Life as they have several positive effects on the health of dogs. In addition, we do not add artificial odours, colours or flavours.

Complete control from ingredient to premium dog chunk

By doing everything ourselves, we can trace every chunk from start to finish. From the development by our nutritionists and veterinarians to the production in our own plant. We have a fixed formulation, which means that the ingredients used in Opti Life are always the same, so they do not depend on (fluctuating) market prices.

A simple yet complete offer for any type of dog

We try to make it as easy as possible for you and your dog in everything we do. We consciously keep our range of products simple. You immediately know which type suits your dog thanks to the handy mini, medium and maxi indication, for all ages, from puppies to seniors. If your dog needs extra care, we are happy to help him quickly with suitable food. For example, we have recipes tailored for dogs who need to watch their weight, for dogs with digestive problems, coat problems and more.

We are here for you!

Do not hesitate to ask our advice in case of questions or doubts! Our team of experts and veterinarians have the right answers for you so you simply enjoy carefree quality time and adventures together.

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