It can really break your heart as a dog owner when your dog is a difficult eater. Seeing them so listless, underweight, and maybe even depressed you of course want to do something about it. How many brands of dog food have you tried? How many bags have you had to throw away? What’s wrong with the kibble mix? Nothing helps. Your dog remains a difficult eater. Why?

A tricky puzzle to figure out

By nature, your dog is an opportunistic carnivore and, as a result, eats a lot of meat instead of grains. Its ideal diet reflects this. Rich in proteins and fats, low in carbohydrates. And because of its strong sense of smell, the food should also smell good, otherwise your dog won't even touch it. A complicated nut to crack!

Opti Life Prime was specially developed for dogs of active owners. The kibble contains proportionally more meat and fish, and is supplemented with superfoods full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As a result, the kibble digests faster, immediately gives the right energy, and requires smaller portions.

Moreover, there is no need to mix all sorts of things into it, because it turns out that every dog loves Opti Life Prime. Even difficult eaters. And suddenly, a flood of reviews from overjoyed dog owners followed, we’ll leave it up to them to convince you ...

Lexy & Anelle

Lexy was a very picky and difficult eater. Sometimes she wouldn't eat for 4 days because she didn't like it. But thanks to Opti Life Prime, she has never skipped a day since! On top of this, she begs for food because she loves it so much

Spot & Louise

For the past 5 years, I’ve had to keep buying different brands because when a bag was empty, Spot wouldn't want that kibble anymore. Thankfully, that is now completely over thanks to Opti Life Prime!

Torvi & Ilse

Torvi was always a difficult eater. Her intestines just couldn't tolerate any kibble. Until we tried Opti Life Prime. Now Torvi goes completely ballistic around mealtimes and eats her entire bowl every time, without having any issues afterwards!

Koda & Athina

After struggling with Koda's bowel movements for a long time, we are finally on the right track with Opti Life Prime! Moreover, Koda has a huge appetite again and is now whining for food at 5pm sharp! (laughs)

Cooper & Natacha

Cooper's weight remains more stable, his coat shines even more and he looks nourished and healthy, and his appetite has increased a lot.

Bring back your difficult eater’s appetite!

Even your difficult eater will be happy with Opti Life Prime! You'll find that these owners aren’t exaggerating. No more underweight, listless behaviour...Your dog will be healthy and thriving with a shiny coat and full of zest for life.

For a limited time, Opti Life Prime is now available for a free trial. So if you have a dog that really doesn't like anything, then try this kibble now!

What makes Opti Life Prime so Optimal?

With an active lifestyle comes the need for proper nutrition. This applies to both you and your dog. That food must provide enough energy and contain the right nutrients - in the right quantities. After physical exertion, muscles and other tissues must be able to recover sufficiently. And at least as important, the food must be easily digestible.
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