Opti Life provides a delicious, balanced meal that is suited to the essential needs of your cat. You’ll see the change and your cat will taste the difference. Make your cat happy every day with the scrumptious kibble from Opti Life – and make the most of those wonderful moments together.

Our range is developed by dietary specialists and vets. Through this specialised range of products, we offer cats and their owners a complete and balanced kibble that contains up to 90% animal protein*. This food is grain-free and based on the nutritional profile of your cat, who is a genuine carnivore by nature. Our range is compact, transparent and complete: we take care to focus on every stage of your cat’s life, as well as its special needs.

We want you to enjoy a lifetime of quality time together, thanks to top-quality food from Opti Life.

A cat is a genuine carnivore by nature. Opti Life provides a delicious, balanced meal that is suited to the essential needs of your cat.

Cats: thoroughbred carnivores

Your cat doesn’t just love eating meat because it loves the taste. In fact for your feline friend, eating meat is simply a biological need. Your cat is unable to produce the essential amino acids and vitamins it needs on its own. But by eating meat or fish, your cat is able to obtain these vital nutrients.

For cats, taurine and arginine are essential nutrients found in fish and meat. Both substances help keep your cat’s heart in top condition, as well as ensuring it has a glossy coat and a healthy nervous system.


Low in carbohydrates

Unlike meat, your cat finds carbohydrates harder to digest. Which is why it’s best to feed it a kibble that is low in carbohydrates, but rich in meat or fish. Opti Life contains no grain and is low in carbohydrates to support your cat’s digestion as well as possible.

Full of flavour

The fact that Opti Life is good for your cat and perfectly adapted to its nutritional needs is beyond doubt. But it doesn’t stop there. Your cat, of course, is a real gourmet, who just loves eating fish and meat. Which is why we have worked with vets to develop Opti Life: a delicious, wholesome kibble with pure chicken or salmon. Your cat will love you for it.

The right transition to Opti Life kibble

Making a gradual transition is very important. Gradually mix more and more Opti Life kibble in with the old food. That will enable your cat to get used to its new diet, step by step.
But if you still need some extra support, our experts will be happy to advise you.


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