Lilo is like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to Nature food.

rabbit Velimir (Varazdin, Croatia)

First in the morning he go to his bowl and look for new flavor of Nature food. he is much more animated and ready for game. he always eat everything at once.


chinchilla Mario (Salaspils, Latvia)

I love the packs design of Nature, and my Mario also love new snacks I give him,thanks that you do your best for our pets.

rabbit cookie (Thessaloniki Greece)

I am very happy!My bunny start eating versele laga nature immediately from the first day!He love it!Now he has more energy and he is more lively.When he listen the sound of the pack he bite his cage like crazy so i understand that he likes it a lot.After 2 minutes he has already eatten his food!Congratulations to the company!Thank you for making our lives easier and take care of our babies!


guinea pigs Minnie, little 1 and little 2 (Athens, Greece)

The last couple of months I started buying Nature for my guinea piggies. At first they seemed hesitant to eat it, as with every new taste, but now it’s their favourite food. Whenever they hear me opening the bag, they stand on their two feet and squeak from happiness. Their favourite piece thoughis the apple chunks. They literally grab it from my hand!


rabbit Bunny Jorge (Belluno, Italia)

Very good food!


rabbit Aja (Kolin, Czech republic)

I got rabbit Aja (she) for birthday celebration. We went several times to trip with my girl friend with her rabbit Bobik (he). Aja started to be fat and mad. When she losed fur we went to vet. She was healthy and we afraid that she can be pregnant. Pregnant was not confirmed by vet. But how big was our surprise when we found 5 small rabbits in her pet house and we turned home.


guinea pigs Lilo & Allie (Castel Branco, Portugal)

Lilo is the first to attack the bowl the minute after I fill it, leaving Allie with nothing! Lilo is like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to Nature food. I am completely in love how both of them love Nature!


guinea pig Figo (Nowe Piekuty, Poland)

My pet loves it!


rabbit Pufa (Belgrade, Serbia)

My rabbit likes Cuni Nature food and I like it more because my rabbit is healthy. :)


guinea pigs Latté and Zrzek (Ginger) (Czech Republic)

Our guinea pigs refused to eat anything but fruits and vegetable, when we tried out Nature we were surprised to see they actually love it! And we are happy that they can have great food between vegetables and fruits!


rabbit Benny (Gran Canaria, Spain)

My pet loves it, it's 3 months old and it's a dwarf rabbit. I feed it as a food supplement and it is very complete and nutritious with fruits, hay ... it has a good smell on top.


rabbit Njok (Zadar, Croatia)

I was very lucky with my dear bunny Njok, he loves the food and it really suits him.. But since i adopt him when he was already cca 1 year old i dont know what food did his last family gave him. Only awesome food for my awesome bunny ❤️


bunny Thumper Bing and Syrian hamster Latte (Warsaw, Poland)

My conclusion is my bunny loves that food so do my hamster!!! And so do I, not only because thump and Latte loves it, I love it because the ingredients are healthy and good for bunnies  as well as hamsters and not every company makes good foods for smaller animals. So I say yes to nature ❤️🐰


rabbit Coco (Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada)

This is the only affordable AND nutritional food that our bunny loves! He's very picky with his food but gets super excited when he sees the bag getting closer to his cage! He refuses to eat pellets of any kind so this is pure perfection...like it was designed just for our Coco!


rabbits Tommy, Chiny, Leya, Olaf, Groot and Lolita (Lisbon, Portugal)

I have 6 chinchilas. All of them always had a good behavior. Until a buy chinchilla nature, from versele-laga. I found all six on the floor eating from the food bag.

dwarfhamster Mutis (Barcelona, Spain)

This food are good, tasty, balanced, natural, safe..

rabbit Billie (Slovakia)

I learned my rabbit give  me  a kiss  and i give her delicacy of your products. She is happy, healty and intellingent. She know what is good for her. She loves your products of feed.

rabbit Gavrosh (Plovdiv, Karshiaka, Bulgaria)

My rabbit don't live in a cage. He jumps in my home free and happy. I give him NATURE and he is healthy and energetic.

guinea pig Teodor (Slovakia)

Teodor is a pig from a foundation that saves animals from the laboratory. It was hard to take away the proper food for him. But now that he gets Versele-Laga Nature, he eats her very fast. It grows quickly, has healthy teeth and a shiny coat. He loves to eat her!

rabbit Kiniu (Poland)

My rabbit eats only nature when he smells it he runs like its for his life.

rabbit Rex (Giżycko, Poland)

After I changed to nature products, my rabbit is eating it with more plesure than other products. He is more excited when hears when i open his drawer with food. He is jumping very fast to me after I'm opening it. I see he is very happy after he eat it. I will never change your product now. The best thing is this product comes 100% from nature where rabbit belongs.

rabbit Dante (Zagreb,Croatia)

My bunny Dante does binkies every time he hears the bag of Nature food shaking! Goes crazy for the food!

rabbit Suri (Warsaw, Poland)

As soon as I had a new friend, they recommended me to buy Versele Laga Cuni. As it turned out later, it was the right decision. Suri immediately fell in love with these delicious things. When I thought about trying something new, it didn't support me. Now every time she hears the rustle of the package, she flies a bullet into a cage and attacks the plate.

rabbits Oreo, Mina, Elsa, Anna, Njofra, Bi (Croatia)

After I changed to nature products, my rabbit is eating it with more pleasure than other products. He is more excited when hears when i open his drawer with food. He is jumping very fast to me after I'm opening it. I see he is very happy after he eat it. I will never change your product now. The best thing is it comes 100% from nature.

guiena pigs Yumi & Lumpy (Russia, Leningradskaya obl.)

Earlier my guinea pigs ate other forage, but then I decided to try a Nature. It was pleasant to them, now they ask additives, getting up on back pads and cheerfully cheeping Yi-Yi-Yi. They began doing popkorning more often and their wool became very soft and beautiful.

guinea pig and rabbit Beanu and Lazuli (Westport, Canada)

One of my best friends, favourite snuggler, and greatest snacking buddy is my little guinea pig friend, Beanu! Her favourite foods are cucumber, kale, fresh grass and more recently, Cavia Nature !!! Since switching to this food, she empties her bowl of crunchy goodness every day. Just hearing the crinkle of the bag, she runs!

rabbit Lili (Lázně Bělohrad, Czechia)

My rabbit Lili just loves your food Versele-Laga. Everyday when is food time, she is running in her cage and waiting for the food. She is just cute and funny. When I gave her the food, she is so satisfied and she is looking forward for the food everytime.

rabbit Carota (Rimini, Italy)

I love to keep in touch with the nature cuz it make me feel free.

rabbit Zorinka (Brno, Lesná, Czechia)

It is the best food for my litle rabbit. She name is Zorinka from the big hero Zoro. She is very fussy, because she have the Nature food. She want only this food and some fruits and vegetables. I and my rabbit thanks Nature for great care.

guinea pigs Toffee and Barney (Aleja tišine, Croatia)

I have always fed my guinea pigs with versele-laga foods and they love it, if their food bowl is empty they will always squeak and let me know that they are hungry. Whenever i feed them they always run happily around their cage. I think that the new Nature has made their fur very shiny and they seem to be as energetic as ever.

rabbit Dusan (Novi Sad, Serbia)

This is Dusan, he is 5 years old rabbit. He allready eat complete cuni adult and few days ago we gave him nature with his food. He accepted and loves to eat her allso. Cartboard box is in this moment hes favorite toy.

rabbits Pingu, Ahri (Kirchberg, Deutschland)

I have 2 rabbits and they are in love with Nature products.

rabbits Ružica and Teo (Zagreb, Croatia)

Since we feed our rabbits with Versege Laga Nature thay don't have anymore diggestive problems like diarrhea and parasites. They have very strong and healthy teeth and thay have strong, beatiful, fluffy and healthy hair. Thay don't like fresh vegetables but dried feom your food thay adore. Thank you Versege Laga ❤.

guinea pig Luna (Trzebiatów, Poland)

Already my Lunas' parents were fed this food. That is why she has been fed it also from a small age. It tastes so good to her that as soon as i changed her food for another, she longed for the last taste. She was sad, she did not want to play or eat. But as soon as she returned her favorite delicacy, she regained her joy of life.

chinchillas Grażyna, Karyna (Szczecin, Poland)

I had two chinchillas: Janusz and Grażyna (traditional Polish names). As Snoetje and Snuffel they only ate the same chunks and left out the rest. Unfortunatly Janusz died and I had to adpot another chinchilla. So now Grażyna still eats only her favourites chunks, but the new chinchilla likes what the other does not like. So everyone is happy :D

rabbit Johnny Ouško (Cheb, Czech republic)

I had Versele-laga granules since. I didn't recognize another one only once when they didn't have it in the shop. We like it very much and I always look forward to it.

(Bunnies) Tolstoi & Sophie, (Chinchillas) Dumbina & Emilia (Coimbra, Portugal)

Our bunnies, chinchillas and hamsters immediately loved it! Very healthy formula for our company live longer so they can be loved for more time

rabbit Cody (Markham,Canada)

Cody can't wait for Nature time! Especially when it's hand fed and incorporated in some games and puzzles. The best pieces have got to be the Veggies pack tomatoes and red peppers! Sometimes Mommy takes a nibble with me 😄

rabbits Theodore and Bean (Bicske, Hungary)

I love the thought that finally I can feed my rabbits with a healthy and nutrient dense food. I feel like they are truly joyous and energetic that way.


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