Nesting Blend

High-protein feed for brooding and young birds

  • Protein- and calcium-rich composition, ideal for brooding birds, growth of young birds and moulting
  • Finely ground oyster shells, soft egg cake and protein-rich insects
  • Ideal in spring and summer

Opti Growth

High-protein nutrition for a good laying and the right development of the young birds

Calcium +

Calcium supports the good eggshell formation and the healthy skeletal development in young birds

Available in

  • 2,5 kg (EAN5410340641170)


ground biscuit (egg 4%), soya meal, sugars, millet, rapeseed, wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, hempseed, dried mealworms (4%), oyster shells (4%), maize, purified lard, rowan berries, honey, dried daphnia, wild seeds (1.5%), vegetable oil

Analytical constituents

protein 20%, fat content 12%, crude ash 7.5%, crude fibre 4.5%, calcium 1.5%, phosphorus 0.4%

Directions for use

Provide freely