4 Seasons Blend Clean Garden

Everyday nutritious husk-free seed mix for all seasons

  • Varied high-quality mix with peeled sunflower seeds, peanuts and oats
  • Checked on the presence of ambrosia seed to prevent this parasitic plant from invading your garden
  • Does not leave a mess, no waste - no seed hulls on the lawn and terrace

Available in

  • 2,5 kg (EAN5410340641118)
  • 10 kg (EAN5410340641125)


maize, sunflower hearts (22%), peeled oats, milo, millet, blanched peanuts (2%), niger seed (1%), mung beans, raisins

Analytical constituents

protein 10%, fat content 18%, crude ash 2%, crude fibre 2.5%, calcium 0.1%, phosphorus 0.3%

Directions for use

Provide freely