Can you feed birds all year round, even in summer?

You sometimes hear this: you’re not supposed to feed birds in the summer. After all, they don't need the extra nutrition, and it makes them lazy. But it is true?

In short: no. Due to urbanization and intensive agriculture, it is better to feed birds all year round so that they can continue to find enough food. At the same time, garden birds never put all their eggs in one basket. Your garden is just one of the feeding grounds on their foraging route. So if you don’t feed them, birds will look for an alternative anyway.

Birds also need a hearty supply of nutrients all year round. Singing, looking for a mate, building a nest, laying eggs, molting...all this requires energy. And food is not easy to come by in the spring. Birds hardly find any seeds, nuts or insects. 

It’s important that you don’t give your garden bird(s) high-fat food during the spring and summer, instead feed them a varied seed mixture supplemented with a rich insect or berry mix. Feel free to feed your garden birds all year round, but with food adapted to their needs depending on the season.

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