Nesting box: eight tips for buying or making your own cabinet

With a nesting box you will certainly make your birds (and yourself) happy as larks. However, what should you pay attention to when buying or making a cabinet? Follow these tips and download our step-by-step plan!
  1. How big should the nesting box be?

    That depends on the birds that want to nest in it. A rule of thumb? 20 to 25 cm high, 15 cm wide and 12 cm deep.

  2. How big do you make the hole?

    Again, depending on the bird species: between 2.8 and 4.5 cm. Robins and wrens prefer a semi-open box with a wide, large fly opening.

  3. What is the best material for the box?

    Untreated wood that is sturdy and thick, so that it thermally insulates sufficiently. Do not use metal: it heats up way too quickly.

  4. Is filling necessary?

    It’s best to leave the nesting box empty. The birds themselves will scavenge for the necessary material to feather their nest.

  5. A perch for the hole, or not?

    Again, it’s best not to. After all, a stick attracts intruders such as squirrels. And birds don’t need a perch to use the box, anyway.

  6. Where do you hang a nesting box?

    High enough (at least 2 m). In a quiet spot out of the sun, with the opening facing north to south-east. Preferably not west-facing, because then it’s open to the elements and rain can get inside. Provide a flight path that is free of obstacles. A half-open box may be surrounded by ivy or other plants.

  7. When do you hang it?

    The best time is in the autumn. This way your garden birds can use the nesting box as a place to sleep in the winter. And in the spring, when they lay eggs, they know where to turn!

  8. How do you maintain a nesting box?

    Clean the cabinet in the fall. Put on a pair of gloves, remove all nesting material and scrub the box with a brush and hot water. Do not use cleaning agents.

Build a cabinet yourself with our step-by-step plan!

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