Mongolian gerbil

Mongolian gerbil, Mongolian jird, Meriones unguiculatus, plenty of names for this popular rodent. As the name indicates, they mostly live in and around Mongolia. It is a very clever and friendly rodent, which makes it the perfect pet both for young and old.

Mongolian gerbils are real social animals. It is best you keep more than one, or else they will start to feel lonely. Because of their curious character they are very active during the day. They are not really cuddlers, but their active way of life is a real spectacle. Definitely provide a thick bedding, because they really enjoy themselves when they are digging long tunnels.

External features

  • slim body, up to 14 cm
  • long, hairy tail with tuft of hair at the end
  • short, wide head
  • pointed snout
  • small oval ears

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