What types of hamster food can you give your hamster?

Your hamster is a natural omnivore: that means it eats both plant and animal food. Good hamster food has been made with this in mind. So how can you offer your funny little creature meals that are close to its natural diet?


When you think of hamster food, the first thing you probably think of is muesli. This mixture of dried green food, fruit, grains, seeds, nuts and mealworms covers the basic nutritional needs of your hamster or dwarf hamster. A hamster eats about fifteen grams per day. Ten grams is sufficient for a dwarf hamster.

Extruded pellets

This food is ideal for a picky eater hamster who spits out his bowl of muesli in favor of his favorite food. These cute fusspots literally ignore many other grains and seeds with useful nutrients. Extruded pellets may be less well-known as hamster food, but they get rid this selective eating behaviour. What’s more, each piece contains all the necessary nutrients.


The perfect complement to a hamster’s food is an occasional snack. To each his own! Cereals, fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts, a protein mix with shrimp and egg ... it's all ideal. Don't give too much of it, but a taste of a mix of things from time to time doesn’t hurt. And, it's always a pleasure to watch your hamster gnawing away on lettuce with its adorable little cheeks.


You can offer your pet a small portion of green food on top of its food a few times a week. Don't overdo it because they have sensitive digestive systems, and the dwarf hamster in particular is predisposed to diabetes. So limit the amount of fruit you serve them (no larger than a pea). Hamsters can eat roughly the same types of food as humans. Chicory, broccoli, bell pepper, pear, banana, a piece of boiled egg, dried crickets (and this is where the similarities stop, unless you count the more adventures, avant-garde eaters among us) Experiment and switch it up! By alternating foods, you can be sure that your hamster absorbs many different vitamins and minerals.


How much water a hamster drinks depends on its activity, the type of food it receives, and the ambient temperature. Change both the food and water every day.

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