Food for omnivores: how to choose the right rat food?

A rat wants to eat everything, but giving it everything it wants could land you in trouble. What's the best rat food for this smart, hungry omnivore?

A rat is an intelligent, sociable pet that can be great company. They are known for wanting to eat anything, but that doesn't mean they can or should. How do you keep your rat happy and healthy by giving them the right food? We’ll break it down for you...

Pellets and muesli

Fiber is the basis of your rat's diet. At the pet store you will find both extruded pellets and muesli that meet all your pets needs. Which of the two is the best? Muesli is close to natural food in appearance, but pellets are best if your rat is picky or systematically ignores certain foods, as they may lack nutrients as a result. The good news is the nutritional value is exactly the same. So the choice is entirely up to you and your rat.

Animal proteins

Unlike guinea pigs, rats are omnivores. A young rat in particular has to eat more protein. That’s why food for guinea pigs or rabbits is unsuitable: it only contains vegetables. A rat likes to have a piece of cooked egg, chicken or fish. Cook these foods without oil, fat or salt.


Fresh vegetables are ideal to provide your rat with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Give your pet a combination of dry and moist greens. Many vegetables are suitable for a rat, but some are not. It would take us far to long to make a complete list. Check with your vet before feeding your rat a new vegetable.

Healthy snacks for your rat

Keep the perks limited and healthy. A rat has a tendency to quickly become overweight. A piece of fruit every now and then won't hurt. The same goes for cooked pasta and rice, or unsweetened cereal. Licks are not recommended, because they can upset your pet's mineral balance. Do you want to be sure that the special treats you’re giving your rat are healthy food? Protein snacks or cheese biscuits are a safe bet as snacks and provide some variety.

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