The 2020 Golden Pigeon Celebration: a smaller event, but not less enjoyable!

Due to the COVID-19 measures in place at the time, the people of De Duif were unable to organise the Golden Pigeon Celebration in February of this year. Fortunately, recent relaxation of the measures made it possible for the celebration to take place on 17 August. Unfortunately, it was on a slightly smaller scale than in previous years, but that did not dampen the atmosphere!

During this celebration, we honour those pigeon fanciers who have achieved top results in the Golden Pigeon Championship. This championship is held in several countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK) and consists of various disciplines (speed, middle distance, long distance, Superstar of the Year, International Extreme Long Distance Competition). The Golden Pigeon is won by the fancier who won the most prizes in the various categories (speed, middle-distance, etc.) during the whole competition period. Any pigeon fancier can participate in this competition by submitting the results of his first entered pigeons in the various disciplines.

Golden Pigeon winners from the UK and Ireland: Jarvis & Gladwin family, England, with 1st runner-up D. Wilton & Son, England (not present), and 2nd runner-up B. Chalmers, Scotland (not present).
Golden Pigeon winners from Belgium: Michel Lossignol, Budingen, with 1st runner-up Sabrina Brugmans, Halen, and 2nd runner-up Pierre Philippens, 's-Gravenvoeren.
Record Golden Pigeon winner from Germany: Günter Prange, Meppen (8 times!) with 1st runner-up Horst & Frank Sander, Münster (not present), and 2nd runner-up Tino Bergemann, Mittenwalde.

Golden Pigeon winners from the Netherlands: G. & S. Verkerk, Reeuwijk, with 1st runner-up Brian Sangers, Eefde and 2nd runner-up Nathalie van de Merwe, Dordrecht.

Internat. Extreme Long Distance Golden Pigeon Competition: 1. Mario de Vogel, Bodegraven (NL); 2. Frank Zwiers, Terheijden (NL); 3. Arjan Beens, Genemuiden (NL) (not present).

Versele-Laga is a proud sponsor of this wonderful annual event. We support, in particular, the Golden Pigeon Junior. A similar competition for younger fanciers with a maximum age of 21 years. Like in other sports, you cannot underestimate the importance of youth. After all, it ensures the continuation of the sport/hobby.

This year, Adela and Daniël Filipovics from Liedekerke won the Golden Pigeon Junior Cup.

Golden Pigeon Junior: 1. Adela & Daniël Filipovics, Liedekerke; 2. Paulien Speliers, Herne (not present); 3. Georg & Maxim Lannoo, Lievegem.

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More information about the 2020 Golden Pigeon:

Congratulations to all the winners and to the organisation!

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