Respi-Top : a unique combination of essential oils to support the respiratory system in racing pigeons

Every pigeon fancier knows the problem: respiratory tract infections are the most frequent cause of poor performance in racing pigeons. It is therefore a major challenge to keep their airways healthy. Due to close contact with other pigeon colonies in transport carriers, it is essentially impossible to prevent infections. What's more, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness as a result of the rise of bacterial resistance.

To keep the airways of their pigeons healthy, more and more pigeon fanciers are resorting to natural methods. Essential oils, which have long been extracted from plants, offer particular prospects in this connection. Although scientists used to be sceptical about this, in recent years, thanks to sophisticated laboratory techniques, various plant substances with a proven health-promoting effect have been isolated.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils, also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils or aetheroleum, are oils that are extracted from parts of plants. These parts may be the flowers, fruits, seeds, roots or bark. 
Most essential oils are extracted through steam distillation. Each plant species has its own essential oils with specific effects. Essential oils are therefore actually concentrated plant and herbal extracts.

How essential oils work

In recent years, ever-improving modern analysis techniques have made it possible to better chart the active ingredients of essential oils in plants. Essential oils contain lots of active ingredients. Among the terpenes and phenols in particular, numerous molecules with favourable biological activity have been isolated. Many of these substances have a clear, scientifically proven medicinal effect. Especially those essential oils with constituents that have an antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, immune-promoting, mucus-regulating (expectorant) or bronchodilator effect are particularly of interest for racing pigeons.

Because of their special properties, these ingredients are known as phytobiotics: plant-based substances with properties that aid animal condition.

In contrast to true medicines, these natural plant constituents have virtually no adverse effects and do not give rise to the development of resistance. When administered together with classical medication, essential oils often have a synergistic effect. For that reason it is recommended to combine classic antibiotics with essential oils when treating respiratory tract infections.

RESPI-TOP: a unique combination of essential oils with a proven effect

Indications and action of Respi-top

  • Support in the fight against respiratory tract infections, thanks to the antibacterial, antiviral, antimycotic and broncho-dilating action of the essential oils.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Powerful antioxidant effect reduces muscle damage and promotes recovery.
  • Immunity-boosting
  • Anti-protozoal action on flagellates, such as trichomonas and hexamitia.
  • Beneficial effect on gut health.

Why does Respi-Top contain a combination of multiple essential oils?

  • Knowledge of the effect of essential oils in pigeons is based on years of experience and scientific research.
  • The essential oils used have been specifically chosen because they optimise the condition and sporting performance of racing pigeons.
  • The chosen combination ensures the synergistic effects of the essential oils in the product.


  • Respiratory tract infections are the most frequent cause of poor performance in racing pigeons.
  • Essential oils have a proven health-promoting effect on the respiratory system in pigeons.
  • Unlike classical medicines, essential oils do not give rise to bacterial resistance and can be used preventively without any issue.
  • Respi-Top contains a unique combination of essential oils specifically formulated to keep pigeons' airways healthy.

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