Premium Super Conditie

Super Diet becomes Super Condition

For legal reasons, we were obliged to remove the term "diet" from the designation of our pigeon feeds. As a result, the name "Super Diet" disappears from our range and is replaced by "Super Condition".

The mixture "Super Condition" has the same formula as the former Super Diet and will also be available in the same packaging.

Premium pigeon feed to keep the pigeons in the middle of the week in good physical health. This varied mixture does not contain maize.

  • Varied mixture without maize.
  • Contains many seeds high in fat.


 White pigeon wheat   6%
 White dari  15%
 Red dari    14%
 Safflower  20%
 Peeled barley  7%
 Paddy rice  5%
 Broken rice  5%
 Peeled oats  6%
 Hempseed   5%
 Buckwheat   2%
 Canary seed  5%
 Yellow millet  5%
 Brown linseed  5%



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