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Plus I.C.+ feeds are premium pigeon feeds containing raw materials of the highest quality. Thanks to the large variety of raw materials, the pigeons get a very rich and balanced mixture that supports general health and performance. The mixtures contain the extruded Plus I.C.+ pellets. These pellets are highly digestible, which means that all the nutrients are absorbed into the body very quickly. They also contain additional nutraceuticals, including vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which the pigeons need in specific quantities depending on the period. The Plus I.C.+ mixtures are carefully formulated so that the pigeons receive all the necessary nutrients in every period.

With the Plus I.C.+ mixtures, Versele-Laga guarantees that your pigeons get everything they need to perform well. This makes it very easy for you, as a pigeon fancier, to feed your pigeons properly but with ease.

Feed your pigeons with Plus I.C.+, a grain mixture supplemented with extruded Plus I.C.+ pellets specifically for pigeons.

Plus I.C.+ pellets provide the following major benefits:

  • A complete feed with the ideal quantities of protein, fat and carbohydrates adapted for each season
  • Supplemented with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Better immunity and protection against diseases
  • Easily digestible and better use of nutrients
  • Enriched with all of the latest nutraceuticals (added nutritional elements)
Why are extruded pellets so superior to pressed pellets?
  • All phytotoxins have been eliminated (including fungi, yeasts etc.) )
  • Completely sterilised with all bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts etc. eliminated
  • A beautiful smooth, round shape that ensures improved ingestion
  • Improved, faster digestion by the gastrointestinal tract

Our guarantees:

Vitamins, Amino acids and Minerals:
extra addition of stabilised vitamins, amino acids and minerals in an optimal ratio, to guarantee a balanced and complete feed.

Rich in protein and essential amino acids, L-carnitine and highly absorbable calcium
for optimal breeding, growth and moulting periods.

With extra vegetables.

Extra carotenoids, selenium and vitamins E and C to support immunity.

Grapeseed, elderberries, cranberries and red adzuki beans as high-quality sources of flavonoids.
These antioxidants protect cells and reduce oxidative stress during performance.

Prebiotics for improved digestion and a healthier, more stabile intestinal flora.

Organic selenium ensures less build-up of lactic acid and reduced muscle damage.

Essential fatty acids (Omega 3/Omega 6) and sulphuric amino acids for a more beautiful, healthier plumage.

High energy content, lecithin and L-carnitine for optimal energy metabolism and top performance.

Top pigeon fanciers worldwide have been choosing Plus I.C.+ mixtures for decades.

With the Plus I.C.+ mixtures, your pigeons get everything they need to perform well.

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