Black maize for racing pigeons ... hype or really something natural and good?

During flight, pigeons experience oxidative stress (so-called negative stress) which reduces energy production and thus jeopardizes a good performance.

What is oxidative stress?

In oxidation, nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) are burned by binding with oxygen. These so-called reactive oxygen species are generated during normal metabolic processes in every living being.

Oxidative stress is a metabolic process in which more of these oxygen species – called free radicals – are released than normally. This can occur during strenuous efforts such as intense exercise and therefore also in pigeons during races. Those harmful particles (free radicals) can cause a lot of damage in pigeons.

These free radicals attack the molecules and genes and change the structure of the body cells. They can also damage the cell membranes and cell structures in pigeons. The cells will thus have to use more energy to keep the cell membranes in good condition.

What to do against cell membrane and cell structure damage?

The muscle cells, however, possess an endogenous antioxidant system, with which they can protect themselves against the attacks of free radicals during exertion. The efforts are very intense during the racing season and the oxidative stress is thus very high. The better the pigeons are armed with natural antioxidants in addition to the body's own, the higher the protection against damage. Thus, if the pigeons ingest an extra portion of antioxidants in their daily diet, they will reduce the likelihood of damage to cell membranes and cell structures.

What is the big benefit of black maize?

Natural antioxidants are found in many types of grain and maize. However, black maize is much higher in antioxidants; the levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins (both important antioxidants) are dozens of times higher. Therefore, the muscles are much better protected, there is less damage to the muscle cells and the pigeons have more stamina and can thus fly longer.

Why is black maize also good for the overall condition of pigeons?

Antioxidants also play an important role in supporting and strengthening the immune system. Oxidative stress thus causes 'oxidation' = the coming apart, the compound of oxygen, which comes down to rusting or, in living creatures, to ageing. The body cannot process too much oxidation and it is also inflammatory. Large amounts of free radicals damage cells and tissue structures and promote ageing, resulting in reduced functioning of the body and all sorts of ailments and diseases. As we said earlier, antioxidants neutralize everything and can thus return the pigeons to a better health.

Conclusion: black maize is something good and natural:

  • Supports better functioning of the muscles
  • Reduces muscle cell damage
  • Improves stamina and allows for quicker recovery after heavy exertion
  • Increases immunity and reduces the risk of diseases

Mixes with black maize

Plus I.C.+ Black Label Start
Plus I.C.+ Black Label Junior
Plus I.C.+ Black Label Champion
Plus I.C.+ Black Label Superstar
Plus I.C.+ Black Label Gerry
Plus I.C.+ Black Label Mutine
Master Kweek
Master Weduwschap
Master R Exklusiv
Master Black
Master Relax

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