What you need to know before you bring home a rabbit

Would you like to bring a rabbit home as a pet but you’re not sure where to begin? We can already answer your most pressing frequently asked questions so that you’re in the know when buying a rabbit. Take our sage advice and you won’t end up going down a rabbit hole.

Is it better to keep a rabbit in the house or outside?

Preferably outside. Provide a large run in which rabbits have plenty of room to hop about. They’re at their best when it is pleasantly warm (18-21°C), but they can tolerate the cold well. Does your rabbit sit outside in the winter? Do check several times a day to make sure the water in the bottle isn’t frozen.

Few people realize how much living space rabbits need. Most ready-made hutches and runs really aren't big enough. Are you handy? Then build a spacious DIY outdoor loft.

Do you keep your rabbit in the house? Then give it free rein every now and then, for example, within a fence in a large room.

How many rabbits should you have?

Rabbits are social by nature and live in very large groups in the wild. It is therefore better to take two home, especially if you’re planning to keep the rabbits outdoors. It might cost a bit more, but it won’t give you extra work.

Which bedding is best?

Beechwood shavings is hygienic and long-lasting. Straw insulates well, making it a great choice for keeping your rabbit warm in the hutch outside your house.

How to take care of a rabbit?

Change the bedding in the cage every week. From time to time you also have to disinfect the entire loft. Also, provide the rabbits with a place in the shade and avoid drafts. When it comes to body care, you’re not taking a high maintenance animal into your home: brush your rabbits now and then and keep their nails short.

Rabbits are very susceptible to contagious diseases. As a result, you should have them vaccinated against myxomatosis and RHD-1 and -2 every year. Some people have their rabbits spayed or neutered. That is certainly advisable if you put a female and a male together. Unless you want them to breed like rabbits, of course.

What food do you give?

Give your rabbit unlimited access to hay and fresh water. Furthermore, feed them a diet of high-fibre food. Your rabbits will also appreciate fresh vegetables. Just like the occasional fruit or a tasty snack, but limit this intake to about 20% of its food consumption. It’s better not to give licks, as they can lead to kidney problems.

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