What are the five most popular rabbit breeds and what to know about them?

Are you looking for a pet rabbit? Rabbits can be found in all colours and sizes: there are more than three hundred different breeds. But which five rabbit breeds are the most popular as pets in Western Europe? And what do you need to know about them?

French lop

The French lop is an ancient rabbit breed that was originally bred for meat. That’s why it’s so sturdy and muscular. These rabbits are known for their calm and relaxed temperament. When properly socialized at a young age, they make a wonderful pet for the whole family. They are also very gentle with children. However, it’s not a breed for first-time rabbit owners as they can be very large and therefore difficult to handle.

Dutch lop 

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the world. Its popularity has everything to do with its handy size and the fact that these rabbits are good-natured and friendly. The Dutch lop dwarf must be able to move around a lot and needs toys to chew. Make sure this is available, otherwise this rabbit will sharpen its teeth on other objects, which you undoubtedly don't see as toys.


The nice thing about the Lorraine is that there are three types: the large Lorraine, with a minimum weight of 5 kilos, and also a smaller and a dwarf variant. Be warned: the big ones need a lot of space! This breed comes from France and is easily recognized by its black and white spotted fur.

Flemish Giant

The largest of all rabbit breeds is the Flemish giant. An adult rabbit weighs between 6 and 7.5 kilograms, but outliers of up to 10 kilograms are known. The Flemish giant is a very old rabbit breed: as early as 1825, rabbit breeders from Ghent took part in competitions for the heaviest rabbits.

The Arctic hare

The Arctic hare is a dwarf breed among the rabbit breeds. The rabbit is white and has a round head with short, erect ears and a compact body. With its beautiful markings, large eyes and a sweet and docile character, it is not surprising that the Arctic hare is such a popular breed, including among children.


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