Rabbits as bunnies: how do you tackle this?

When you bought your rabbits, the pet store salesperson told you that both of them were female. But low and behold, one morning you wake to find a nest of newborn rabbits in their cage. Wonderful, but now what? And what food should you give rabbits as bunnies?

What to do when your rabbits have bunnies

First off, immediately separate the buck from the doe because she becomes fertile again a few hours after birth. (Yes, it’s true what they say about breeding like rabbits). If you have the buck neutered, it can go back to the dam and the bunnies two weeks later. After all, most sires aren’t aggressive toward their offspring.

Give a nursing doe more water than usual, as well as plenty of protein food and hay.

Usually the doe will make her own nest with straw, hay and tufts of hair. Don't be alarmed if she turns her back on her kittens. Her breast milk is very rich, and when they’re babies she will only nurse them once or twice a day - usually at night. She also doesn’t pay much attention to her bunnies. That's perfectly normal.

After nursing, a bunny's belly is fat and swollen. However, if they remain skinny, call a vet. They can give the dam an injection of oxytocin, which starts milk production.

Bunnies drink from their mother until they are eight weeks old.

Young rabbit: first dry food, then green

Raise a bunny on a special mixture with extra calcium, proteins and vitamins, or with extruded pellets for food, which prevent the picky eaters from not getting enough nutrients. If all goes well, rabbits as babies will start nibbling on these pellets after just two weeks.

Bunnies drink from their mother until they are eight weeks old. As long as they are not weaned, they are very susceptible to diseases. So always wash your hands when you are handling them.

After ten weeks, very slowly introduce green food to their diets. After all, they’re not yet accustom to this type of food so it might throw off their digestive systems. Too many greens can cause diarrhea for rabbits when they’re babies.

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