What does healthy food for your rabbit consist of

Do you want to give your darling rabbit a happy and healthy life? Then, healthy and balanced food will be essential. Rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system. Unbalanced nutrition can even lead to severe intestinal problems. So, what should absolutely be present in your rabbit's diet?


The basis of a healthy daily rabbit diet is a high-fibre mixture. Such a mixture is fragrant and tasty, and most of the time it contains different kinds of grasses and herbs, which your rabbit undoubtedly loves. The mixture also offers the necessary essential vitamins and minerals, which keep the animal in optimum condition.

Is your rabbit a picky eater, or is it not a fan of a mixture/muesli? Then you can also give monocomponent food. The pellets contain all vitamins, minerals and fibres necessary.


Furthermore, fresh, clean drinking water is essential for any animal, also for your rabbit. Your pet should have access to it at any given moment of the day.


Hay also should be provided continuously. It constitutes an essential part of your rabbit's nutrition. Hay wears down the teeth, helps digestion along and prevents boredom. Timothy hayhas a perfect composition, with a high fibre and low protein content. Moreover, it has a delicious scent.

Fresh greens

Rabbits love fresh vegetables. Make sure you provide enough variation, so your rabbit takes in all necessary nutrients. Fresh fruit is also allowed, but in moderation. Sugar is bad for a rabbit, too.

Introduce new greens gradually, otherwise you might disrupt the darm flora, which could lead to diarrhoea. Be mindful of which vegetables you give your rabbit, because some kinds are dangerous! Celery, carrots, radish leaves, broccoli, watercress and peppers are safe vegetables. However, keep your rabbit away from potatoes, rhubarb, mushrooms, beans and avocados.


By handing your rabbit a healthy snack every once in a while, you will get even closer. Be careful to do this moderately: too many snacks are obviously not good for the figure, as is the case for humans.

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