Is rabbit potty training possible? If so, how should I go about it?

Potty training a rabbit? Yes, it's possible! Rabbits are naturally very clean and will instinctively use a designated place as a toilet just like cats. You just have to show them where to go. The rest is simply a matter of time, dedication and patience.

The advantage of potty training your rabbit is that you can then let it roam freely around the house without worrying about minor accidents. It is also very useful for cleaning up. Instead of having to clean the whole cage every few days, you only need to clean a small container. So you can tidy up their mess as quick as a bunny.

Make sure you have a suitable rabbit litter. It should be easily recognizable. For example a corner litter tray or a litter box. Your rabbit will have a preference for the litter, so don't give up too quickly and experiment with different shapes and sizes. Fill the litter with suitable material: a few layers of newspaper, which absorb moisture and odors, with some hay or other food that attracts the rabbit.

The choice is up to the rabbit

The secret to rabbit potty training is to figure out where to put the box. Don’t worry - finding out shouldn’t be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. If you know in which corner your rabbit is doing its deeds, place the toilet there. If the animal prefers a different place, you can still change the location. In other words, your rabbit shows you where the toilet should be, not the other way around.

It is best to potty train your rabbit before letting it run loose in the house. This way your snuggle bunny will first learn where it can do its business and he or she will return to the litter voluntarily, if it’s freely running around. 

Keep in mind that you will still find rabbit droppings in other places. After all, your rabbit will only urinate in the toilet. This is perfectly normal. The rabbit marks its territory with these droppings. Fortunately, they are dry, hard and odorless.


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