How to choose the ideal rabbit or rodent bedding for your pet

The cage your rabbit or rodent lives in is its playground, its bed, its world. So it’s essential for the well-being of your pet that you provide suitable bedding for your guinea pigs or rabbits nest. 

First, some general principles about the ideal ground cover for your furry rabbit or rodent pet. Hamsters, degus and gerbils love to dig, play and make tunnels. It is therefore best to put their bedding nice and thick. For rabbits and guinea pigs, the ground cover must:

  • provide a good surface for walking, lying, playing and sleeping
  • absorb urine 
  • mimic the animal's natural habitat
  • be dust-free. If the bedding contains too much dust, it irritates the animal’s respiratory tract. Rats, mice and hamsters are especially sensitive to this.

What you should know about straw

Straw is warm and absorbent and can be found in both loose and in pressed granules (Cubetto Straw 12 l). It is a natural material that is very suitable as ground cover. But because it is quite rough, you should not use it for all animals. A Flemish rabbit will not be bothered by it, but smaller animals can hurt themselves by the hard and rough straws. As such, it is not suitable always suitable for every rabbit or rodent as bedding.

What you should know about wood chips

Because wood chips are so soft and absorbent, they are very popular. Wood chips are the shavings of planks and trees. They are completely natural and dust-free. You can also choose pressed wood pellets (Cubetto Wood 12 l). They are ideal for non-house trained rabbits or for the rabbit’s litter box. Wood fibers are also perfect for compost and can be used as garden humus.

Does your rabbit or rodent bedding begin to smell before it’s time to change it? Then use an efficient deodorizer such as Oropharma Deodo, which extends the lifespan of the litter and neutralizes unpleasant odors. This way, your favourite furry friend can stay in a hygienic environment longer.

Which materials you should avoid as ground cover

For your fluffy pet, you would think a fluffy bed is ideal, right? Well, it isn’t so. On the contrary, the softest bedding consists of artificial fibers that are harmful if your hamster tries to eat them. Also, keep in mind that hamsters have very fragile legs, which can get caught in this fluffy bedding.
Also, don't use hay for your rabbit or rodent bedding. Hay is roughage, so you can only give it as food.


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