Dos and don'ts for letting your rabbits on the lawn

Spring and summer are undoubtedly the most popular seasons. Still, these months present some risks for many animals. Keepers of rabbits should be extra watchful, because rabbits could get into trouble when temperatures rise high. Most rabbits already get into trouble at about 24°C, and it is recommended to give extra attention to their refreshment. Here are our latest tips on how to protect your rabbit from the heat.

But still, the sunrays have some advantages for rabbits! Think about the fresh grass they can feast on. Here is a list of dos and don’ts, so your rabbits can enjoy their outside pen!


  • Make sure they are used to eating the grass! They have a sensitive digestive system, so new nutrition has to be built up slowly.
  • Mow the lawn before you put your rabbits on it. Spring grass is full of protein, which can cause digestive problems.
  • Check your rabbits daily for 'poopy butt'! In summer there is a large chance that flies lay their eggs there.
  • Provide a solid hutch with fine enough mesh, so your rabbits cannot escape.
  • Make sure they cannot dig their way out! For example, put a wire mesh on the grass that allows the grass come through or bury a mesh under the ground, so the iron doesn't hurt their hocks.
  • Provide enough protection from birds of prey, cats, dogs, foxes,…
  • Avoid treated, manured of limed grass.
  • Do not forget to provide fresh water continuously.
  • Check whether your rabbits have had the necessary vaccinations. (myxomatosis, RHD) 


  • Never feed cut/mowed grass ! Because the rotting process of grass starts quickly, it is best to let your rabbit itself bite off the grass
  • Don't give your rabbits grass from shoulders, fields, nature reserves... , because this could have been contaminated with a virus!
  • Never use (fish) nets! Since rabbits could get easily entangled, it is better to use mesh wire.
  • You have a doe and a buck and you don't want baby rabbits? Go and have them castrated/spayed or put them separately on the gras. The same goes for house rabbits!

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