Mini pigs as pets: what to provide if you choose them as companions

If you choose mini pigs as pets, you become the guardian of particularly intelligent and social animals. What do you need to provide them? And what do you need to know before you go all-in for it?

First, know that you’re entering into a longer commitment, mini pigs live an average of 15 years. Do you treat the pigs well, though? And can you make a lot of time available to raise them lovingly and consistently so they can live high off the hog? Then you’ll also get a lot of love in return.

Furthermore, pigs are real rooters - their pigsty is ploughed in no time. They also don’t stay small little piggies, they can weigh more than 100 kg. Moreover, they will test your patience during their training. Do you still like them? Then let’s go hog wild!

What should you expect from mini pigs?

To start: a stable with a pigsty of at least 150 m². The more space the animal has, the better, because a bored pig sometimes becomes a problem pig. Provide a sturdy fence at the same time, otherwise a mini pig can break through. Don't keep it alone either, it really needs at least one of its kind.

In the pigsty, create a mud bath in which the mini pigs can roll. This piggy pool is essential. After all, pigs don't sweat and so need a pool to cool down. This can be a muddy pool of water, or a children's pool filled with a few centimeters of water. Also provide a shady spot so their skin does not burn.

Know that your pig will use a small part of its outdoor space as a toilet. Pigs don't stink, but their poo does. However, it is excellent compost for your plants. Another great reason to have mini pigs as pets!

Feeding mini pigs: don't feed them too much

Most vets agree that mini pigs are best fed a varied diet. That includes their daily food (maintenance feed of puffed grains and vegetables), some fresh leafy vegetables and some pasture where they can graze. Always provide fresh water: a large water bowl or bucket is certainly suitable for this.

How much dry food you best give depends on the size of your pet mini pig. 1.5 to 3.5% of body weight per day is a good guide. But beware: mini pigs quickly become too porky, which goes along with the accompanying health problems. So don’t let them pig out.

Treats in moderation

Give (healthy!) treats only as a reward for good behavior and alternate with a pat. Otherwise, mini pigs will consider you their personal feeder.

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