Arabian horse

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest pure-bred horses in the world. The Arabian has its roots on the Arabian Peninsula. Nomads used this muscular horse to transport their belongings in the desert. Its temperament, loyalty, will to perform, learning ability and stamina are typical for this breed.

Arabic pure-breds can handle all disciplines, but are particularly suitable for endurance riding. In this sport it is all about stamina: riders have to complete a course in the shortest amount of time possible (under veterinary supervision). Arabians are among the world's top-performing breeds in endurance riding.

External features:

  • Small (1.50 m shoulder height) with a short back
  • Arched neck
  • Forehead is a bulging, curved line up until a third of the nasal bone, from there on it forms a dished line.
  • Head with large, expressive, wide-set eyes and a fine nose
  • High-set tail that goes up in case of movement or excitement

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