Ornamental fowl

Ornamental fowl include the following varieties: pheasant species, peacocks, turkeys, quail, partridges, guinea fowl, bantam and old country chicken breeds.

Ideal environment for ornamental fowl

When breeding ornamental fowl, you pay particular attention to the shine of the plumage and the colour of the beak and legs. In addition to the right nutrition, you always provide fresh water and grit to stimulate digestion. The natural food of partridges, pheasants and quail consists of weed seeds and plant shoots. They also eat insects and larvae that they find in their environment.

If you want to keep peacocks you have to provide enough space for these beautiful animals. After all, peacocks need a comfortable amount of territory in which they can move freely and spread their feathers. Pheasant males, on the other hand, can be very dominant and defend their territory with aggression if needed. Therefore, don’t place two males together in too confined a space.

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