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4 reasons why you should disinfect your chicken coop after cleaning it

A chicken coop attracts all sorts of animals and pests. Birds, rats, mice, etc., they all are happy to use the water and food provided in your coop. This, however, will put the chickens at risk of attracting germs. Everyone knows that bird flu exists by now. Other birds could infect your chickens or chickens can infect each other.

Disinfect Spray is the official disinfectant in the case of bird flu. Prevention is, however, better than cure, so disinfect preventively. Use Disinfect Spray for this.

4 reasons to disinfect after cleaning

  1. Most chicken coops have pests in them. This is normal. Other animals are attracted by the food or water present in the coop. Because it happens sometimes that these animals carry diseases, so it is recommended to also disinfect your chicken coop(s) after a thorough cleaning.
  2. Were you too late and did you notice a pest in (a part of) your coop, then it is best to install a disinfecting bath. In any case, clean and disinfect your shoes or Wellingtons and also the cleaning equipment in the coop.
  3. Did the bird flu strike, then there is no escape from it. A very thorough disinfection is inevitable then. Disinfect Spray, the official disinfectant in the case of bird flu, is used in that case.
  4. Kill two birds with one stone. When you have already cleaned the coop thoroughly, it is not much effort to also disinfect it. Use Disinfect Spray for this.

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