Which 10 chicken breeds make the best laying hens?

Do you want chickens that lay eggs (almost) every day? Then be sure to consult our top 10 list of laying hens that give you the most eggs per year.

If you keep chickens in your backyard, youll have fresh eggs almost daily. Especially if you choose the right breed of laying hens. These are all the breeds that provide you with more than two hundred eggs per year. Get cracking on getting the right chicken for you.

300 eggs per year


Italian leghorns are the absolute top breed when it comes to laying hens. These slender fowl also have a nice character and are easygoing.

250 eggs per year


A friendly, solid bird (hens weigh 3 kg) and an active animal. One hen of this Australian breed even laid 364 eggs in one year back in the 1920s.

200-250 eggs per year

Rhode Island

A stocky build, active and an inquisitive breed, although sometimes a little aggressive. It comes from the northern US and can therefore withstand the cold very well. There are two color varieties: white and red.

New Hampshire

Broad, sturdy laying hens with a calm temperament and often a characteristic red-brown color.

Frisian hen

Elegant and small chickens with a somewhat shy character, in twelve permitted colour varieties. Due to their light build, they can fly quite well. Laying hens are known for their good health and frugality.


Striking markings, these oversized chickens are of American descent. They can withstand the cold very well. Generally gentle in nature.


These medium-sized fowl are originally Italian and bear striking blue-white or black and white pearl markings. It’s an active animal that needs a lot of space.

200 eggs per year

Brabant fowl

Small, active laying hens, which also need a lot of space and like to scratch. They have a light build and a characteristic comb. The chickens sometimes attempt to escape so make sure you have a good fence.


These hefty chickens are on the rise. They lay very dark, chocolate-coloured eggs. Take note, these laying hens are not very active and have a tendency to become overweight.

Plymouth Rock

These particularly large and shapely laying hens (roosters weigh up to 4.75 kg) are very popular in the US. Very balanced character and ideal as a pet chicken.

Drents hen

A very old and elegant breed, it’s a small and comes in many colors. Drents chickens are standoffish and prefer to run freely. They can fly quite well so make the fence high enough.

More eggs and stronger eggs?

From the first egg, after about 18 weeks, you can give your chickens Gold 4 Mix. It’s also best to give them grit, which may or may not be enriched with minerals. Grit ensures easy digestion and has a beneficial effect on eggshell formation.

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