Can you give your dog barbecue scraps?

It's so tempting. You’ve enjoyed a nice barbecue, your dog is watching you with an imploring look, there are some leftovers... Do you give them to him, or better not?

You should pay attention when you want to give your dog some scraps from the barbecue. They are not always as innocent as they look. On the one hand, they are real calorie bombs, and on the other hand, they can be really spicy because of the herbs and many oils that are used. These can also cause diarrhoea!

We all know how much dogs like to gnaw on a nice and juicy bone. Keep in mind that bones of e.g. chicken, rabbit or lamb splinter more easily; this way their teeth and molars could be damaged. Sharp splinters could also cause a gastrointestinal perforation. So it might be best to keep your pooch away from these bones. This way, you can save him and yourself a whole lot of troubles.

Make sure all skewers are put aside, because they can be very dangerous for dogs and could also perforate the bowels!

When you suspect your dog has eaten a bone or skewer, contact your vet as soon as possible.

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