Agility: How you make your pet an agility champion

Are you looking for an active sport you can do with your dog? Be sure to read further! In agility, your pet learns to be agile on a higher level. Below you can read more on the what, how and why of agility.

What is agility?

Agility is a discipline in which your pet has to cross several obstacles as agile and quickly as possible. These pets are mostly horses or dogs, but if you have another pet, don't despair. It is definitely worth a try!
Agility can be done as recreation or as race sport- we'll return to that later. It is important, though, that you train enough before you enter a more advanced level. Start practicing on simpler equipment and obstacles, find the right speed and practice simple movements. If this works, you can start giving more attention to the technique and speed. You as a trainer need to practice a lot: you have to learn how to give clear instructions and take a good position. Trust and communication are key.

Agility requires training, and training requires planning

If you want to start with agility exercises, you have to consider some things:
• Make a training plan. Think about what you want to teach your pet, and more importantly, how you will do it. This way, you will prevent injuries.
• Keep it safe. Avoid that you pet hurts itself or gets scared.
• Keep the weight of your pet in mind. It is best not to overload an animal with some overweight.
• Remember to motivate your pet sufficiently. Use the right toys and snacks for this.

Still not convinced? Some more reasons!

• Agility is a fantastic form of physical exercise. You and your pet will definitely stay in top condition!
• Agility also has a positive effect on the brains of your pet. Agility exercises demand the utmost concentration and a very good coordination ability.

Agility as a competitive sport

Once your pet has had sufficient training, it can try to enter into competitions. The most famous examples are horse jumping and the dog sport, in which several competitions (team competitions, indoor competitions, etc.) are organized. Is your horse or dog a true champion? Then it can enter the competition for a national or world title in agility. Fortune favours the bold.

Trust and communication are key.

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