Why and how to wash your dog

How does your dog feel about it? Does he like to be washed? So much so that after his scrub down there is more water next to the bathtub than in it? Or, when it comes to bathing, is it best to let sleeping dogs lie? Either way, sooner or later you should wash your dog. But how often? Well, that all depends. But first ...

Why wash your dog?

As a dog owner, you know how quickly a dog can get dirty. Wading through puddles, exploring ditches, running through dirt piles is the best part of a dog’s life. For most dogs, an extra bath now and then isn’t going overboard. With a good dog shampoo you can wash your dog's coat, make it more supple, easy to detangle and bring out the shine.

How often should you wash your dog?

The regularity depends very much on your dog’s type of coat. You can wash a dog with a silky, long coat regularly, around once a month. But you don’t have to wash a dog with short hair any less often. For example, breeds like the Chinese Crested hairless dog or the Mexican hairless dog need a weekly sponge bath! Also refer to your vet for advice.

In addition, a dog who often plays outside or walks through mud will have to bathe more often than a four-legged friend who spends most of his time indoors - regardless of the breed.

A rule of thumb? Wash your dog when, no matter how much you like him, he is no longer cuddly. But beware: bathing too often can be harmful to your pet. It can irritate the skin, damage the hair follicles and increase the risk of bacterial or fungal infections. So stick to our rule of thumb and the vet's advice.

Which shampoo should you wash your dog with?

No matter what, never use a human shampoo on your dog’s coat, because the pH value of your dog's skin differs greatly from that of your skin. Which shampoo you use best depends on the coat and the reason you want to wash your dog.

Neutral or mild shampoo: Oropharma Universal Shampoo

  • Cleansing effect, suitable for all types of coats.
  • Ideal for frequent washes.


Puppy shampoo: Oropharma Puppy Shampoo

  • Especially for puppies or dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Very mild shampoo that does not dry out the skin



Colour enhancing shampoo: Oropharma White Hair

  • Contains a substance that makes the pigment of the coat stronger.
  • With this you can get a white dog's coat beautifully white.


Shampoo + conditioner: Oropharma 2-in-1 Shampoo

  • Ideal for long-haired dogs or dogs with very dry coats.
  • Hair will tangle less and will be easier to comb.



Anti-itch shampoo: Oropharma Anti-Itch Shampoo

  • Calming shampoo that relieves itching.

No water?

If you want to wash your dog, you don't always have to sacrifice the cleanliness and order of your bathroom. With Oropharma Body Clean you can also give your dog a pat down without water and give it a nice scent. These handy cleaning wipes made from natural plant extracts are also ideal to take with you on a trip.

In general, owners pay enough attention to caring for their dog's coat, but there is so much more to take care of… Have you ever thought about your dog's teeth, for example? How do you keep your dog's teeth healthy?

A rule of thumb? Wash your dog when, no matter how much you like him, he is no longer cuddly.

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