How to start with dental care with your pup?

Never use humane toothpaste for a dog! Humane toothpaste was not made to be ingested. It usually contains fluoride, foaming agents, therapeutic sunbstances and colourants that could cause stomach problems in your dog.


Step 1:

It is important to start when they are little. Take it easy, your puppy cannot experience any inconvience. Preferably start with a light cheek massage from the age of 2 to 3 months .
Rub the lips and try to lift a lip once in a while. This way, your dog can get used to those actions. The extra saliva is beneficial for the digestion.



Step 2:

Use the Oropharma Plaque Free Toothpaste.
Your pup will be feasting on it, thanks to the nice taste. He'll still ingest the necessary enzymes, which break down dental plaque.



Step 3:

Now lift your pup's lip completely. Gently rub a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste with your fingers on the teeth and gums, but make sure your pup still likes itKeep trying to move further every day , so you will be able to reach all teeth later on.



Step 4:

Now use our special dog toothbrush instead of your fingers to brush the teeth with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Your dog will have to get used to it, so don't try to go too brusque.



Step 5:

You can only start really brushing when your dog stays calm. Then you can little by little reach the back teeth with your tooth brush.


Will you have to go to a vet to get your pup checked?

Yes, because you cannot avoid tartar buildup. But still, the message remains: prevention is better than cure. Regular brushing ensures a good dental hygiene and physical health and it reduces costs, because you won't have to go to the vet as often. Moreover, your dog won't have to be manipulated as often!

Tip: after brushing, you can do something extra

With Oral Spray, you will give your sweetheart a fresh breath! In between brushing, you can add some Opti Breath to the drinking water (1 tablespoon of 15 ml per litre drinking water).

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