Give your puppy the best protection for a perfect start in life

If you take a puppy home for the first time, there is a lot involved. You have to make sure that he gets the right puppy food, that he has enough toys and that he can go outside on time to go to the toilet.

Moreover, do not forget his visit to the vet! Your pup will get a thorough check-up during his first visit, combined with the necessary deworming/flea treatment and vaccinations. Those vaccinations are very important for your puppy, because pathogens such as viruses or bacteria could make him very sick.

Viruses and bacteria are present in the environment or could be transferred from one dog to another, for example, when they are playing together. Good protection is indispensable then.

Your vet will be able to give you the necessary explanations. When your pup is little, he will need two to three vaccinations, each with three weeks in between. Afterwards, he will need an injection every year to keep the immune system in check.

Keep the environment clean

Many diseases have one big culprit: an unhygienic environment. To keep your pup's environment as clean as possible, we offer a new product: Oropharma Disinfect Spray.

This ready-to-use spray kills many bacteria and viruses (e.g. parvovirus and kennel cough), which could make your dog sick. It is important that you first thoroughly clean the dog basket and the eat and drinking bowls. When the surface dirt is gone, you can tackle the possible pathogens with Oropharma Disinfect Spray. Use the spray like it is indicated on the packaging.

By protecting your dog correctly you can let him play with other dogs without worries

Have your dog vaccinated

Kennel cough, canine distemper, parvovirus, rabies. Those are only a few of the diseases your dog can be protected from by having him vaccinated. It is important that you have him vaccinated as your vet indicates, this way he will be protected completely.

Some vaccinations are mandatory, for example when you want to take your puppy to the dog school (i.e. kennel cough), or if you want to take your dog abroad (i.e. rabies). 

Enjoy your dog

There is nothing left to do, but to enjoy your time with your new housemate. Discover things together and let him discover all things unknown for him. By protecting him correctly you can let him play with other dogs without worries; this is a crucial phase in his life to develop into a nice, social dog!

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