Raising a kitten: get off to a good start with our basic tips

The secret to teaching an animal something? Repeat, repeat, repeat. So, if you’re raising a kitten, you need to be consistent. Practice makes perfect. What’s not allowed should never be allowed. No exceptions, no matter how sweetly the kitten looks at you. Talk about the ground rules with the people you live with, so that everyone gives your furry four-legged friend the same upbringing. We’ll give you some basic tips to start off.

Raising a kitten actually starts at birth. Socialization peaks around the ages of three to sixteen weeks. During that period, the kitten learns to interact with the world around them: brothers and sisters, other pets, people, visitors, sounds ... And you can help it with this.

Travel basket and discovering solid food

It’s most likely that your kitten will try out its first bite of kibble after a month, making the switch from breast milk to solid food. Be sure to start with food adapted to the size and needs of your kitten. Usually, this switch will happen automatically. But if you still need help, follow our advice.

Also make sure that your kitten gets used to its travel carrier or cage. Let your pet play with it, put treats in it and gradually let your kitty get used to the sound and feel of a car. Then, if you have to go to the vet, it will be a lot less traumatizing for your kitten if the animal is already used to its travel carrier or cage.

Play with your kitten regularly and often so that the animal can channel its energy in a positive way.

Your hands are not toys

Kittens have razor-sharp nails. You’ll quickly realise this if you don’t teach them not to play with your hands. Better to not let it get that far - always use strings and balls when playing with your kitten.

Don’t punish your kitten if it plays too rough. Unfortunately, this often happens with kittens who have been removed from the litter too early. After all, the young cat has not lived with its brothers and sisters long enough, and has therefore not properly learned to deal with its own kind.

Play with your kitten regularly and often so that the animal can channel its energy in a positive way. And if it plays relaxed and calm, reward your pet with some tasty food especially for kittens.

Raising kitten: reward and ignore

Do you catch your kitten causing mischief red-handed? Then say ‘no’ firmly and remove the animal from the crime scene. Punishing your cat will create a negative spiral and will only drive you further apart. Be gentle and consistent when raising your kitten. Reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour.

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