Eating without stress: here's how you can help your cat

Did you know that mealtime can be a stressful moment for your cat? Fortunately, with a few simple adjustments, you can stimulate the natural feeding pattern of your little ball of fur. Your cat will feel right at ease and eat much calmer right away.

Eating means being vulnerable

Eating cats only focus on one activity: devouring their meal. At that time they are not aware of what is happening around them, which makes them feel vulnerable. So put their bowls in a safe, secure place, at about 20 to 30 centimetres from the wall. This way they can keep an eye on their immediate surroundings and their stress will diminish.

Several cats? Keep your distance!

And what if you have several cats at home? To avoid stress situations, you are best to offer them feed at several locations, all day long. This way they can choose where and when they eat. Do not give them as much feed as they want, otherwise they will get fat.
It is illogical for cats that their food and drink bowls are placed next to each other.

No fixed feeding spot

Mimic your cat's natural eating habits by offering her several smaller meals throughout the day. A cat on the hunt will never eat her prey at the same location as well. This behaviour can easily be imitated indoors by offering food in several places at the same time, but alternately in other locations. Your cat can then choose where she feels safest at that moment.

Drinking without stress:

Cats are by nature not big drinkers. As unpleasant as it may sound: they get enough fluids out of their prey. It is therefore illogical for them that their food and drink bowls are placed next to each other. Place both bowls at some distance from each other, your cat will drink more often.

Modern house cats should have access to fresh water, especially when they mainly eat tasty dry chunks like Lara. Offer water - preferably flowing - in a large, round surface. This way your cat's whiskers will not rub against the sides of the bowl. Cats do not like that. Even small actions like this will save your cat a lot of stress!

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