Did you know... that cats mostly eat with their sense of smell?

Everybody knows that cats have an exceptional sense of smell. But did you know that their sense of taste is actually not all that well-developed? While a human being has 9000 taste buds and a dog 1500, the cat has to do with 500. This allows your cat to taste bitter and sour in food, just like a little salt, but not sweet.

When a cat tastes something, the information about the taste reaches the highly developed olfactory centre of her brain. Moreover, with Jacobson's organ, between the mouth and the nasal cavity, she can literally 'taste' the smell of her food. So the cat decides largely on the basis of smell whether its food is tasty or not.

The smell of the food is therefore extremely important. The extensive Lara range with dry chunks is perfectly suited to this. Together with its crispy texture and rounded shape, the attractive scent of Lara chunks provides an excellent absorption.

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