Does your cat have a sensitive urinary tract? Provide appropriate nutrition

Does your cat have urinary tract problems? After sterilization or castration, your purring companion is three times more likely to get urinary tract or bladder stones. If your cat has a sensitive bladder, give your pet the most appropriate food for this issue. This will prevent problems and keep your cat healthy and happy.

After eating Lara Adult Urinary Care, your cat will look like the cat that got the cream. But don’t worry, this tasty and crispy chicken-based kibble is an ideal meal to keep your cat in perfect health. The kibble is specially formulated to support a healthy urinary tract and help reduce the risk of bladder stones. We also added cranberries to it, as they contain substances that reduce the risk of cystitis.

In addition to adapting your cat’s diet, you can help prevent urinary tract problems from occurring by always providing fresh drinking water. Wet food also helps keep your cat hydrated. If your favorite feline doesn’t drink enough, he or she will not urinate enough and waste products will remain in the body. Get your cat to drink enough with these tips.


Is your cat displaying symptoms of a clogged urinary tract?

If you think your cat is experiencing these problems, it’s best to contact your vet as soon as possible. The symptoms can be very diverse, but the following unusual behaviors indicate problems and you should therefore keep an eye on them: urinating next to the litter box, going to the litter box remarkably often, apparent pain when urinating, producing small amounts of bloody urine, or being unable to urinate.

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