What are the benefits of extruded pellets as bird food?

Many health problems in birds are caused by an unbalanced diet. Every day, vets treat birds with some sort of deficiency or condition. Other more subtle nutritional deficiencies often go undetected which leads to chronically sick birds, reduced fertility ... That’s why you should give your birds optimal bird food, with all the nutritional elements in the right proportion, such as extruded pellets. Here are some of the benefits of extruded pellets.

When the first extruded pellets came on the market in the mid-1990s, there was quite a bit of skepticism about them as a complete food. Critics claimed that the new bird food was a cheap way to process inferior raw materials. Today, however, the benefits of extruded pellets are clear to many - using them as a complete food has many advantages.

What are the benefits of extruded pellets?

The pellets are a complete bird food. They provide all the necessary elements for a balanced healthy diet. However, the nutrients are 'unlocked' and the food is more digestible for birds, because the nutrients are briefly cooked at a high temperature during production. Each pellet also contains all the required nutritional elements in the correct proportions, eliminating nutritional deficiency.

At the same time, most germs have been killed off, which reduces the risk of infection through bird food. As a result, your birds live longer and are in better shape. In addition, they are more sexually mature and fertile, lay larger eggs with an increased hatching rate and have healthier chicks. Their feather colours are also brighter.

And because extruded pellets are high quality and fully absorbable, birds eat up to 33% less of this bird food than when you feed them with grains and seeds. At the same time, you have no food waste. You may add seeds, vegetables, fruits or treats to their rations, provided they make up no more than 20 percent of the entire food ration.

Nutribird, bird food tailored to the species

Our extruded pellets - the Nutribird formulas - are adapted to different bird species, based on studies by many renowned scientists. At the same time, findings from years of research and from many leading breeders provide practical guidance for the composition of the feed. These products meet the strictest quality standards and are made according to longstanding recipes.

For example, another benefit of extruded pellets is that the ones made for parrots and large parakeets contain extra shelled nuts. This is makes it taste good and makes the pellets fatter, which is closer to the natural food sources of these bird species. The variant of this bird food for canaries, tropical and native birds consists of 50 percent canary seed.

The Nutribird pellets for grass and other small parakeets contain 40 percent millet, with extra iodine. The variants for mynah birds, toucans, turaco, fruit pigeons, thrushes and jays, hornbills and large fruit and insect eaters are based on fresh fruits, with a low iron content.

In addition, you will find an appropriate food for every stage of life: not only for adult birds with normal activity, but also for growing birds and birds during the breeding period. The breeding feeds contain more protein, vitamins and amino acids.


Nutribird, only with quality ingredients

Our extruded pellets contain only natural raw materials of premium quality. We choose these according to the way different bird species naturally feed.

We make all Nutribird pellets with fruit. This makes the pellets even tastier and brings them closer to natural food. In addition, the fruit is a source of additional natural vitamins.

All Nutribird products also contain yucca extracts and Florastimul. Yucca extracts are natural plant extracts derived from the yucca tree, which bind to the ammonia in the digestive system. As a result, the feces are less smelly. Florastimul is a unique mixture of mannan oligosaccharides, which stimulates the natural intestinal flora and thus supports intestinal function.

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