Why introduce pellets?

"Dr. Patrick"


  • 38 years as an avian vet, specialised in birds
  • 50 years of keeping and breeding birds, but above all bird lover
Wrong nutrition is often the cause of sickness problems in birds. The food is often too fatty, too monotrophic, birds become ill, have shortages (vitamin A, vitamin E, minerals such as calcium and magnesium). Shortages are often counteracted with all kinds of remedies. But the simplest and best way is to offer complete food in the form of pellets. Extruded pellets. Complete food made up of natural ingredients assembled in a scientific way. To prevent nutritional deficiencies. Contains all the nutrients a bird needs to be in good health. What are those nutrients? Fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Really everything a bird needs.

How to convert your birds to pellets?

Making the switch to extruded pellets is an excellent way to keep your birds in top condition. It’s also easy. Just follow our step-by-step guide to help your birds switch to eating pellets. Additionally we give you some tips.

Start converting to pellets

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