Supplements to help ornamental birds during the breeding process

Breeding ornamental birds? Then you'll definitely want to give them these supplements for optimal breeding and ensure hatchlings are healthy

No matter how balanced classic seed mixes are, they will never provide all the nutritional elements that your canary, finch, parakeet or parrot needs. And thats definitely the case if you want them to breed. Which food supplements should you give ornamental birds before, during and after breeding?

Before breeding

Ferti-Vit offers extra vitamin E which promotes sex drive and fertility. Calci-Lux in turn provides a calcium boost: ideal for the formation of firm egg shells and a strong bone structure in young birds. Of course you should also give your ornamental birds an egg food mixture before they breed. Be sure to add Opti-Breed to the list. This also promotes fertility and egg shell formation.

During breeding

It is best to give your ornamental birds these two supplements during breeding. Omni-Vit offers extra vitamins and amino acids for optimal breeding and well-developed chicks. In addition, continue to administer Calci-Lux every day in order to have strong eggshells and a good skeleton in your young birds.

After hatching until the bird can eat by itself

Congratulations, you have managed to breed your parrot, parakeet, finch or canary! To give the youngsters a good start at life, it’s best to give them a combination of Probi-zyme and Oro-Digest. Probi-Zyme contains probiotics and digestive enzymes and promotes optimal functioning of the digestive system. Oro-Digest nourishes healthy gut bacteria and helps prevent disease-causing bacteria from adhering to the intestinal wall.

Finally, you can further support your ornamental birds with Calci-Lux and Opti-Breed. First, it ensures strong bone structure. Thanks to the second supplement, your young birds receive all the essential nutrients they need in the right proportions to optimally grow into healthy birds with perfect feathers.

Just getting started?

Read much more about these dietary supplements in our brochure. In it, you will also find all the details about how to administer the products, as well as a handy schedule to follow!

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