6 reasons why you should disinfect your birds' living environment

The birds in your aviary are easily susceptible to germs. They can be easily be spread by the legs and beak to multiple places. It is highly recommended to disinfect items which birds regularly come in contact with, such as breeding pens, feeding trays, drinking pots and toys thoroughly.

Everyone knows that bird flu exists by now. Your birds, too, can get infected with this virus through contact with other birds. Disinfect Spray is the official disinfectant in the case of bird flu. Prevention is, however, better than cure. Disinfect Spray can also be used for preventive disinfection.

6 reasons why you should disinfect

  1. Do you own birds yourself? Then, clean and disinfect the aviary regularly (once a week). Clean the toys, feeding trays and drinking pots and disinfect them.
  2. Do you have an aviary? Know that your aviary birds indirectly can come in contact with wild birds that could carry bird flu. Disinfect Spray is an officially recognised disinfectant to control this virus.
  3. Do you notice diseased or dead birds in your aviary? Then clean this aviary very thoroughly, because there will definitely be some germs left. Combat them with disinfecting spray.
  4. Do you take part in bird exhibitions? Then definitely clean and disinfect the transport and exhibition cages after every exhibition. This way you prevent diseases from spreading.
  5. Do you breed birds yourself? Clean and disinfect after the moulting and breeding period all moulting and breeding pens. It is a good idea to clean and disinfect everything, even before the start of the breeding season, because young birds only have little resistance.
  6. Do you hand-rear your birds? Then make sure that all instruments used (spoons, syringes, feeding tubes, etc.) are very clean. In between two feedings the instruments need to be disinfected every time. Let the instruments soak in a disinfectant long enough, so that it is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Rinse the equipment thoroughly under running water after disinfection, so the remains of the disinfectant do not damage the very delicate crop and intestinal flora of young birds.

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