PET PIG muesli

Flake mixture for pet pigs

  • PET PIG muesli is a complete feed for miniature and potbellied pigs from the age of 3 weeks.
  • This high-quality, tasty mixture of pressed and extruded pellets together with puffed grains and vegetables has a low energy content.
  • The high level of dietary fibres (11.5%) supports the digestion and reduces the sense of hunger. It is made from vegetable raw materials and consequently does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

100% appetit

Use of high-quality ingredients guarantees good ingestion.

Available in

  • 17 kg (EAN5410340512227)


wheat middlings, wheat, sunflower seed feed, linseed husks, dried beet pulp, barley flakes, wheat bran, maize, expanded maize, alfalfa, barley, carob pods, rape seed feed, carrot chunks, palm kernel expeller, beet molasses, pea flakes, rice bran, vinasse, linseed, spelt bran, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, herbs, calcium carbonate, soya feed (produced from genetically modified soya)

Analytical constituents

crude protein 13.0%, crude fat 3.0%, crude ash 5.5%, crude fibre 11.5%, lysine 0.57%, methionine 0.25%, calcium 0.70%, phosphorus 0.56%, sodium 0.20%


Nutritional additives

3a672a vitamin A 12700 IU, 3a670a 25-hidroxicolecalciferol 0,050 mg, 3a700i vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 85 mg, 3b103 iron (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate) 122 mg, 3b108 iron (iron(II) chelate of glycine hydrate) 37 mg, 3b202 iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2,6 mg, 3b409 copper (trihidroxicloruro de dicobre) 16 mg, 3b503 manganese (manganese sulphate, monohydrate) 53 mg, 3b603 zinc (zinc oxide) 80 mg, 3b607 zinc (zinc chelate of glycine hydrate) 27 mg, 3b801 selenium (sodium selenite) 0,21 mg, 3b815 selenium (L-selenmethionin) 0,16 mg

Zoo Technical Additives

4a32 6-phytase (EC 670 FTU

Technological additives

1k284 ammonium propionate 433 mg

Directions for use

• Period: From the age of 3 weeks.
• To prevent obesity, it is best to provide your pig daily with a rationed portion of feed based on the animal´s size (1.5% to 3.5% of the total body weight), can be spread over two meals.
• Simultaneous use with water for drinking in which choline chloride has been added should be avoided.
• The simultaneous use of different organic acids or their salts is contraindicated where one or more of them is used at or near the maximum permitted content.


• During the day, your pet pig may be given a healthy snack – within reason, such as: vegetables, hay, fruit or bread.
• Always make fresh water freely available.